Do You Have a Shih Tzu Puppy? Know How to Take Care of It

Shih Tzu Puppy

This dog is the symbol of royalty. Actually, it is a Chinese breed and was a regular companion of the Chinese royalty. Even, its name also shows the dignity of its look. Shih Tzu means Lion Dog and the flurry and fluffy appearance with mane around its neck only remind you of the king of the Jungle. They are small and cute and you can only get happier at the site of this dog. Want to have one? Know how to take care of this regal breed.

Train It

shih tzu training

Shih Tzu has good reputation that it is a quick learner. So, you should start its training when you bring the puppy at home. If you are bringing a puppy Shih Tzu, you should give it potty break within few hours. For example, you should take a 3 months old puppy to a designated area for potty within 3 hours.

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