Dog Fights: Laws, Prevalence and Current Trends

Dog Fights

Dog fights are not only cruel, but they are illegal. People participate in dog fights for the entertainment and the money. Many people organize these fights to go on until one dog is killed.

Dog fights typically involve two dogs. People will bet in the dog of their choice. Those who chose the winning dog will split the winnings according to how they placed their bet.

Dogs that are chosen for dog fights are typically big, have a strong head, are low to the ground and ar
e of a heavy breed. Pit bulls are a popular fighting dog. They are aggressive by nature and will not stop fighting until they have killed their opponent. Many dogs that are used for dog fights are taught to be aggressive towards other dogs and animals, but loving towards humans.

Dog fighting is illegal in all first world countries with the exception of Japan. Many third world countries consider illegal as well. Even though there are strict punishments in place in the countries in which dog fights are illegal, it is still widely practiced. All animal rights groups are fighting to make dog fights a thing of the past, but they are getting no where fast. Those who participate in dog fighting simply do not care and continue hosting dog fights.

Those who train dogs for dog fights often use bait animals. Cats, small dogs and rabbits are popular bait animals. Some people will steal these animals, get them from shelters or get them through “free pet” ads. The bait animals are ultimately killed and discarded.

Dog fights are most popular in areas with high crime rates and high criminal activity. Many dog fights also include other illegal activities such as gang violence, gambling, drug activity and racketeering. There is a definite trend here and experts are conducting further research so that they can better understand it.


There are more than 25 different breeds of dogs that are commonly used in dog fights. The Blue Paul Terrier, Cordoba Fighting Dog, Dogo Cubano, English White Terrier, Molossus, Old English Bulldog and Pugnaces Britanniae are all extinct, but used to be very popular fighting dogs. The Neapolitan Mastiff, American Pit Bull Terrier, Boston Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are some of the most popular fighting dogs. Some dog fights even include small dogs like Shar Pei’s. As long as the dog can be taught to be aggressive to animals it risks being used as a fighting dog.

Dog fights are cruel no matter how you look at it. One dog will almost always end up dead in the end. Dog fights are illegal, but they are becoming increasingly hard to stop. The only way to stop them completely is to catch them before they start.

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