English bulldog puppies facts

English bulldog

All About The Wrinkly, stocky Man`s Best friend

English bulldog puppies are known to have a personality of their own and are extremely mercurial in a naughty way but friendly and protective too. They were widely used as bull-baits until the sport was banned in early 19th century. Nowadays English Bulldogs are one of the most sought after purebred dogs and are very common celebrity pets. They make very popular mascots as well for sporting teams especially. The puppies adore being pampered and make wonderful companions for children for the very same reason. But it is advised not to spoil them with excessive attention as they tend to later expect it as a right and may get snappy if they are neglected. English Bulldogs have a flat face with short stocky bodies and numerous folds especially on the forehead and the skull. Cleanliness therefore is extremely important as they tend to contract bacterial and fungal infections easily.

Going by their looks people tend to get intimidated easily, but English Bulldogs are extremely affectionate and gentle creatures. Not much for exercise ,they tend to adapt to indoor life quite easily and do need some pushing and prodding  to get them going at least o get some basic exercise that is so essential for any breed of dog. They are quick learners albeit with short attention spans and are believed to possess a generous amount of intelligence though they may prefer not to display it .With the right kind of training and grooming English Bulldog puppies can grow into exceptionally well behaved, loyal and friendly companions for kids and grown-ups alike.

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