Essential Signs of Dog Dementia

dog dementia

Having a pet means you need to take care of it like a baby. It will grow older and several types of issues will happen. Dementia is one of the most important problems that many of dogs face it at old age. If you find your canine friend fails to find the way back to your house while returning from park or not doing the same thing like before, it may happen due to the doggy version of Alzheimer’s. How to know that your dog is suffering from dementia? Follow the signs.


This is one of the most common symptoms that you can find out in your senior dog. Sometimes, senior dogs don’t get the usual door to get back into your house as he is used to do. It may suffer from orientation problem. Dogs are very punctual; if you see your dog is not on bed at the right time or just staring here and there forgetfully, it is sign of dementia.

Change of Sleeping Pattern

dog sleeping

It is quite specific symptom that your dog is suffering from Alzheimer’s. If your dog, which slept at night peacefully, suddenly stays awaken whole night, you should take it to a vet. In case the cycle of sleeping time gets changed and it becomes active at night, you may need a nightlight or white noise to make it sleep. If those methods don’t work, take it immediately to a vet.

Interaction Problem

dog irritated

Sometimes, elderly dogs find it difficult to interact with people and also with other animals. Maybe it was quite friendly before but now, it stays irritated and cranky. Sometimes, it may growl at children or other pets. Sometimes, they become so inactive that they fail to notice doorbells or other weird sounds and make themselves aloof from ant activities. They do these because they are in pain.

Lower Activity Level

dog lying

The cognitive dysfunction in dog lowers its usual activities, like response to strangers or sounds; greet you when you are back, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, etc. Some of them may find it difficult to find their food or water bowl. If you get that there is no problems of eyesight or listening, then there must be some cognitive dysfunction.

House Soiling

If your well-trained dogs suddenly urinate or defecate at house, there must be some cognitive dysfunction out of which your dear pet is suffering from.

Once you see any such changes in your dog then don’t be late and take it to vet from complete check up.

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