Facts about Microchipping Pets


Microchipping is a procedure which involves the implant of microchip into the pets or other farm animals in order to identify them in missing conditions. This procedure will help to increase the level of finding of your beloved pets.

How do they implant the microchip?

The procedure can be done by a veterinarian or any technician at animal shelter. It is an easy and quick procedure as same as vaccination. Usually, it is injected between the shoulder blades of the pet, it is little painful during its insertion, but bearable; but don’t worry, soon your lovable pet will be alright.

What is a microchip implant? A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit that uses Radio Frequency Identification technology, and is also known as a PIT(Passive Integrated Transponder). A pet microchip uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which uses passive RFID radio waves as a medium to transmit information. An RFID tag, stores data using the electromagnetic forces for power and communicates that data to the device which interprets it. It has no battery and no internal power source required; rather it remains completely inert until it read by the scanners.

How does microchip implant works?

It is a small glass like cylinder (about the size of large rice), which is a minute electronic device that contains the animal’s ID number, which has the guardian contact information through a handheld scanner; with this, the information regarding the pet can by studied.

Followed by the injection of the microchip, registration of the pet’s contact information is mandatory, and then the form is sent to concerned departments for services, in case if any unfortunate events that may occur in the future.

If someone found your lost pet, then it has to be taken to an animal shelter or veterinarian, then through a detector, the microchip will be scanned, thus they retrieve the information from it, finally they contact the owner and handover their pet.

Why microchipping your pet is necessary?

If your pet got lost in an unfamiliar place, it is hard to find their lost ones, the pet may not be comfortable due to presence of new environment, it will become home sick and may be weeping for several days. Even it won’t eat properly, finally ends into stressed conditions, and diseases may attack them, because of missing their sweet home and his person.

According to humane society of United State, about 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are rescued at each year and as a increased result, about 3 to 4 million of those animals are euthanized. Statistics shows that, microchipped animals are recovered about 75% of the time, rather than non-microchipped pet, because not only collar tags are adequate, since it can be fallen down at any unfavourable situation. So it is also important to insert microchips to our pets.

How to choose a microchip?

It is advisable to go for ISO microchips of 15 digit, it is said to be the world standard, so that, almost all scanners can detect it, or else, you need to carry your own scanner for 9- 10 digit ID’s. Now in some countries like US, they have a global scanner to read the microchip from most manufactures.


Microchipping pet is a great innovative idea to recover your lost pets, but keep in mind, since, microchip provides information only if someone scans for it, it is not like GPS device that track its motion. So, apart from microchipping your pets, collar tags is also important to recover your lost favourite pet, so provide your pets with the written contact information on the collar belt and at the same time implant microchip to pets. Thus, you can get back your lovable pets.

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