French bulldog puppies facts

French bulldog

French bulldog Puppies – a jovial and faithful companion for your kids

The French bulldog is an energetic dog. The puppies have ears that are huge, that seem to be larger in comparison to the body, with a flat head, that looks like that of an English bulldog, but is smaller. The best thing about the French bulldog is his pleasant and even temperament.  This makes him a perfect household companion and a wonderful playmate to your children. The puppies are very playful but the dogs may sometimes show aggression. They need a lot of attention from their owner to keep happy and healthy. They should always be made to live and grow in a home environment. If these puppies are properly socialized, they can do well with the other dogs.

For grooming your French bulldog puppies you should remember that they shed on average and do not require lot of grooming. They can be brushed with a regular rubber brush would remove loose or dead hair. They can be bathed when necessary. A patient handler is necessary in case of training these dogs.

The French bulldog has breathing problems as due to the flat muzzle he can get overheated due to the extremes in temperatures. He should always be provided with water and proper shade. He is not suite for outside life and so exercising this dog during hot weather can lead to a sun stroke. So he should be made to exercise and play indoors.

This comical little pup is amazing and well known for a good friendship with man. He is good to your kids, so when you are thinking of adopting or purchasing a French bulldog puppy, you are sure to usher in a friend and a jovial companion for your kids at home.

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