German shepherd puppies facts

German shepherd

The German shepherd Puppy – The Ultimate Police Dog

The German Shepherd Puppies is a newly discovered breed, which started in Germany in 19th century. It is also known as The Police Dog.

The German Shepherd Puppy is well built, strong, and graceful looking. When the puppy grows up it has an average height of 22-26 inches, and 75-95 pounds by weight. Available colors are white, black, black & red, black & silver, black & tan, black & cream.

The German Shepherd Puppy is very intelligent, lively, trustworthy, and self-confident. They are courageous in nature but not unfriendly. They are friendly and hence require full attention. They generally like open outfield but can also accommodate in apartments if provided with a lot of exercises. The German shepherd is very active and always loves to take up challenges. Nevertheless they are called The Police Dogs.

If you have one or like to own one then proper caring and grooming requirements needs to be attended. Sessions of physical and mental exercises should be undertaken. Throwing of a ball or walking down the neighborhood is a good physical exercise for the German Shepherd Puppy. For a mental exercise a dog toy would interest the puppy and remove monotony, which helps the puppy from being destructive also.

A regular brushing and occasionally a bath would suffice in regular situations. To avoid any skin problems proper diet should be adhered to. Attention towards the ears, teeth and toenails should be given.

With all the above inputs now you must be all set have a nice German Shepherd Puppy in your family.


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