Golden retriever puppies food

Golden retriever

Golden puppy retriever is one of the supreme dog breeds and it is a pleasure growing them. When you take care of your golden retriever like a mother you can surely expect the little friend to be a good friend for you.

It is essential to provide appropriate food for your dog to ensure its healthy growth. The food that it takes depends on its age and its environment. For atleast eight weeks the puppies will get food from its mother. After that they will be taken to the owner’s house. The breeders will feed the puppy food to the puppy at the age of three weeks. You have to follow the same diet at your home to help your puppy accustom to the new environment.

Initially the puppy food must be given as a thick mixture so that it is digested by the puppy easily. Don’t force the puppy to eat. It will take some time for the puppy to realize its new environment. When they get your love and affection they will surround you at the time of meals and beg you fro their food.

You have to feed them thrice a day at regular intervals and you must not change the timings of feeding the golden retriever. It is better to take them for a walk twice a day. After a walk you can feed the puppy with the food. When the puppy grows the digestive system improves and you can give dry puppy food at this stage. As years pass by you can notice an increase in the amount of food your golden retriever takes.


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