Golden retriever puppies grooming

Golden retriever

Grooming a golden retriever puppy requires more love and affection from the owner. When the puppy is brought from the breeder you must give time for the puppy to understand that it has to now grow in a new place and you will love him so much.

Initially the puppy may not take food for a few days. Don’t force the puppy to eat as it will create a negative impression about you. Your behavior in the initial days will determine the puppy’s behavior in the future. Show extreme care and love for a few days.

Take your puppy for a walk twice a day to keep it healthy and to develop a good relationship between you and your puppy. Feed the puppy at regular intervals and follow the timings daily. Once you set your timings your puppy will know the time and will automatically approach you for food.

Dogs prefer chewing and golden retriever is no exception for that. You can buy a chew toy for your puppy but never leave the puppy alone with the toy as it may bite the toy and eat parts of it.

Digging is loved by golden retriever and you have to train your puppy to dig at a specific place. When it digs in a different place scold him mildly so that he will understand that it is not the place to dig.

You must provide leash training for your puppy so that you can take him out of your home. You must first train him to wear the leash when he is in the garden. Then you can give leash training for him as he will be used to wearing a leash.


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