Grooming Your Pomeranian Puppy

If you are looking for the cutest toy breed of dogs, Pomeranians can be the best choice. They belong to the Spitz group and they are in close relation with Samoyed and Chow Chow. While usual Pomeranians are only eight to eleven inches tall, the teacup version is much smaller and cuter. Don’t go to its size as Pomeranians can be very good watchdogs. They are one of the loud barking dogs and a continuous calling bell at your house.

Training Pomeranian Pups

Before starting to train a Pomeranian puppy, it is very important to know the characteristics of this dog breed. Know the specific health issues, characteristics and grooming needs of your Pomeranian and then start its training. Basically, training Pomeranian is not difficult as they are highly intelligent and trainable. You must have seen Pomeranian puppies bark without any reason and go underfoot. These are the first traits that you need to train and change these things.

Grooming Your Pomeranian

  • Grooming your Pomeranian depends on the need of your dog. Pomeranian has thick fur with double coat. The undercoat is soft while the outer coat is larger and smooth. To keep the fur of your Pomeranian healthy and soft, you need to brush it daily so that it doesn’t get tangled.
  • Pomeranians also suffer from dental and gum issues, so you need to brush your dog’s teeth. You should be very careful while children are around your Pomeranian. They often get disturbed while they pull their tail or ears. Finally, they snap.
  • Also, you should be extra careful while children are handling Pomeranians. They are so small that they can be severely injured if dropped or slipped even from small height.

Taking Care of Pomeranian Puppy

While buying Pomeranian from breeders, you should have long talk with them. Breeders are well aware about each puppy and they can give you the best ideas about their habits. They can also give you caring tips which you need to follow. From socializing to training- you should have clear idea to handle you ‘furball’.

Pomeranians have certain needs and they are quite different from other breeds. Buyers should make proper research, not only on the dog, but also on the breeders from whom you are going to buy it. There are several unscrupulous breeders who don’t know at all about the breed and provide dog with diseases and all. Be aware of that as you don’t want any fussy business.

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