Havanese puppies facts


Happy time with Havanese puppies

Intelligent, delightful, a pleasure to have around and cute are the words which can summarise the nature of Havanese puppies. Being very accommodative and belonging to the low shedding variety, they make ideal company for those who suffer from allergic reactions to hair.

They have a pleasant nature. They are usually not possessive and love being with the family. They are a pleasure to have around and love living in a family set up. They get along great with children and make excellent house pets. Their temperament makes them very social. But if you are planning to leave you pet alone at home for long durations of time, Havanese pups are not for you. Your pet would hate being left alone at home.

Caring for a Havanese pup is not too difficult. Since they have a thick coat, they need to be brushed at least twice in a week. Havanese puppies commonly suffer from disorders of the eye and the ear. They are prone to eye and ear infections. This calls for regular check ups with the vet for early diagnosis and effective treatment. Regular brushing of teeth will also keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Training a Havanese pup is no mammoth task. They love all the attention that is bestowed on them and make quick learners. They are obedient pets though too much of petting and pampering will make the training problematic. Be firm during the training period. Trained Havanese puppies are a joy to have in a family.


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