Having a Maltese Dog to Your Family

If you think your family photograph is incomplete without a dog in it, then it is time to have a Maltese. Now, why to have Maltese, particularly? Actually, these are one of those pocket breeds which are very cute and can gel with your family faster and become one of the most important members of your house. With older kids in your house, you can bring Maltese to your home and make your living happier and energetic.

Let’s dig a bit more and know something more about Maltese.

A Dog Not for Young Kids

  • As Maltese are toy dog breeds, they are quite fragile. That’s why with very small kids in home, having a Maltese is not a good idea. Pulling its tail or sitting on it or stepping can cause serious injuries like breaking bones and others. Also, be very careful while taking your Maltese to others’ house where there are small kids.
  • Again, this dog can often snap at very young children. Actually, they don’t get why children are making noises or moving faster or making gestures and out of nervousness they start barking. But, Maltese is a very compatible dog and they can socialize well. You should groom it well and also teach little kids not to pull its ears or disturb it.
  • Do you stay alone and spend much time outside? Then Maltese is not for you. This small breed dog suffers from separation anxiety issues if kept alone for more than few hours. They start barking and that can be too much disturbing for your neighbors. That’s why often pet owners leave them at shelters and abandon them. That is really very sad.
  • Before bringing Maltese at house, you should know it very well whether your family members are ready to accept it. There are certain personality quirks for Maltese and you need to be ready for it. Bringing it home and then leave it elsewhere or not taking good care is not done at all.
  • This dog is a very good companion as they are hypoallergic for people who are not allergic or a little bit allergic to animals. To take good care of their coat, you need to groom it well. Take professional help if required.

Bringing Maltese at home is really great responsibility. For older kids and teenage people, Maltese can be a medium to get responsible towards animals.

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