How dog grooming extreme helps the dog owners?

Cleaning the dog is not only for great looking, good smell and also to keep them healthy. Basic grooming involves bathing, nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning, haircuts and a blow dry. However, extreme grooming has basic things which secures the dogs from infection. It is difficult for the pet’s parent because it goes beyond their imagination. It is true that, the well trained groomers groom the dog’s hair by using colourful hair dyes and props to show the dog amazing. The National Association of Professional Groomers started in 2009 to offer groomers with the basic training information to understand and use the grooming techniques successfully in the salon (beauty or hair salon) as well as for the grooming competition. This association allows the trained groomers to show their creativity in dogs without any limitations. Many pet parents concern about this imaginative design and colors on their pets. By knowing these issues, the pet’s parent can decide whether it is good for the pets or not.

Is it Animal Abuse?

Naturally, who all love their pets will definitely concern about this grooming process including pet’s advocates and organizations. They obliviously think that whether extreme grooming will cause any annoyance to their pets. Our pets do not know how they actually look after the final touch up of the grooming process. The whole process will cause an emotional distress to all the pets.

These wonderful creative designs takes some time to create it. But, the dogs won’t sit idle in a single place for a long period of time. However, some dogs are trained to do this unbelievable thing during their training. The topic of animal abuse leads to arguing between the both parties, due to the reality that, the grooming process does not result in physical pain for the dogs. Although, the physical ramifications and psychological support refer to the extreme grooming of dog leads to an animal abuse.
Does it Affect Dogs Psychologically?

If our dogs experience the extreme grooming, then it shows an extra attention towards the strangers. Our dog have a unique style when we add an additional colour and design on their fur, which seeks everyones attention. But, some people will laugh and they even give negative comments. These comments not only direct towards our dogs and also directed towards the dog owners. This can cause an emotional stress and anxiety because we may not understand the difference on their look towards strangers and crowds.

Some people may further move one step by giving harsh reactions and give out negative feelings, that will boost our dog’s to sense emotions as the result, our dogs feel discomfort. Therefore, extreme growing affects our dog’s psychological state.

Are there Health Risks with Extreme Dog Grooming?

When dying a dog’s hair, the entire body is covered with it. Exactly, the dye may flow or leak slowly into the mouth, eyes, ears of the dog even through the porous part of the dog’s body that cause irritation and burning in the skin and mucus membranes. The chemicals in the hair dye also cause some allergic reactions and the serious symptoms are dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting and other health problems.

What about Natural Hair Dye?

Throughout the United States, many grooming salons offer only an organic substances, which are used to perform an extreme grooming process in dogs. This surely decreases the health issues and skin irritations in dogs. If the pet owners decided to allow their pets to experience an extreme grooming, then they are recommended to use only organic and non-toxic products for their pets.

The Creative Process

Normally, most of the dog parents have unique ideas for designing their dogs. To support them, many salons provide plenty of options for the pet owners, including the photo book and they allow the pet parents to choose from it. While, options include a monkey, panda bear, and Disney characters. This creative decoration makes our dogs look even more beautiful and famous around Halloween day of October. In normal days, pet parents choose stylish and a different look for their dogs, when they meet the groomers.

Competitions and Contests

Most of the pet owners love their pets to participate in grooming competitions and contests. These pet competitions help the groomers to show their talents and creativity to the world. Dog grooming business is gaining multi-billion dollar in the United States. And an extreme dog grooming become popular in all around the world, especially in the United Kingdom.

To help the professional dog groomers, the United Kingdom and the United States run an annual competition and supports them to bring out their creative skills. Of course, one will be the winner in competition and get popularity among people and drum up for the future.

The Pet Parent makes the Decision

There are no any regulations for an extreme dog grooming. Only the decision is in the hands of pet owners. They personally decide whether to allow it or not. They think for many times that it was really good for their pets.

Some of the pet parents like this type of grooming process and allow their pets to groom. Even, they expect more relationship bonding and experience together. All the dogs are only in under the care of pet owners. This can be a great thing that some parents maintain their responsibility for pets by providing better care and an organic product to their pets. But in other side, some parents may not be aware of the toxic chemicals, which is present in the hair dyes. This may cause their pets to get into the risk.

Extreme Dog Grooming – Rules and Regulation

Extreme dog groom business process was increasing in worldwide, but in an irregular way. Hopefully, in future, some regulations and rules will be set. Yet, it depends up on the time. In future, they should consider only the health and safety of the dogs. In addition, no pain or harm should be caused to our dogs.

The dog parents have the freedom to choose their own grooming style for their dog, but it should not be hurted during grooming. Some of us are artistic and have a cute dog and if we should enjoy every moment of being groomed. There is a special opportunity for us to enter in grooming competitions and we are lucky to win the prize.

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