How Important is a Dogs Sex?


A dogs sex is just as important as its breed. Some people may prefer female dogs and some people may prefer male dogs. You should always weigh the pros and cons of both dog sexes before settling on one.

If you have a female dog don’t be surprised if you end up with a litter of puppies. Just because you don’t have a male dog does not mean she did not spend any time with one. If you are sure you do not want puppies get your female dog neutered before she is of breeding age.

Male dogs male also bring puppies your way too. If he gets out and spends some time with a neighbor dog your neighbor may hold you responsible. If you want to make not to get any puppy surprises from your male dog be sure to get him spayed.

Many people will argue that the dogs sex says a lot about the dogs temperament and personality. Many people feel that female dogs are better pets than male dogs and some people think the opposite is true. Dogs who are spayed or neutered will be different no matter what their gender is. The type of dog seems to have more influence on the dogs personality than the dogs sex does.

If you are seeking a purebred dog talk to the breeder about their thoughts on the differences between female and male dogs. In some dog breeds the females will be more sweet and calm. In some dog breeds the males will be more playful and scrappier. In some dog breeds the males are sweeter and more calm. In some dog breeds the females are scrappier and more playful. The breed seems to have just as much influence on their personality as their gender does in some cases. The dogs individual personality does and should matter much more than their gender does.

If you want a litter of puppies then you will need a female dog. You will also most likely need a male dog unless you have a specific breeding male in mind. When you use a female dog for breeding be sure to have her checked out by a veterinarian. The same is true for males. Some breeds are more likely to carry certain genetic diseases, regardless of the dogs sex. Once your breeding dogs have been given a clean bill of health you can breed them without worry. Some places will require you to sign and fill out certain papers if you want to use dogs for breeding so keep this in mind.

A dogs sex may be important to some, but their personality should be what is most important. If you are active you will want an active dog. If you are lazy you will want a lazy dog. Gender may have some influence, but breed and the dogs personality have the most.

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