How is the Short Haired German Shepherd Different From The Long Haired One?


The German Shepherd is regarded as one of the most famous breeds in the country. The breed is smart, handsome and very popular with children. These have two varied coats, one with the popular shorthaired coat and the other with the slightly underrated long hair. Find out about what makes the Long-Haired German Shepherds different from the shorthaired ones.


The coat is the main point of difference between the two varieties of German Shepherds. The longhaired ones have longer hairs about the hindquarters, bellies, ears, faces, tails and the area underneath their legs. The hairs are silky and soft. However, most of these lack the undercoat that can be found shorthaired German Shepherds. Although hair is longer in the longhaired varieties, the actual number of hair is more in the shorthaired versions.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the longhaired GSDs, as it feels that the coat is a defect and does not match the breed standard. Naturally, longhaired dogs are not allowed to take part in dog shows. Although some longhaired varieties have a double coat similar to shorthaired German Shepherds, the AKC does not recognize them. Naturally, they cannot take part in dog shows.

Protection factor

The shorthaired varieties are more appropriate for working in cold weather, as compared to their longhaired counterparts. These have a water-resistant, wooly undercoat that offers additional insulation and more warmth during the chilly season. Longhaired ones have an overall longer coat, which means that they lack the overall protection. Naturally, they are not naturally fit to be worker dogs unlike shorthaired versions. Shorthaired ones are better for service assistance, as a guide, or for military aid or police work.


The difference in coat is also supposed to have an effect on the personality of longhaired and shorthaired GSDs. While the shorthaired ones are bred to work, these are supposed to be more intense and focused on handling these tasks. These tend to be slightly aloof, especially towards strangers. On the other hand, longhaired ones are supposed to come with a better temperament as these are not bred for working. These are thought to be cuter and more eager to please owners.


The difference in coats also has some difference on the amount of hair that the two sheds. Due to the double coat, shorthaired GSDs shed much more hair all through the year. This is especially the case as the weather becomes warmer and the dogs do not need the double coat as much. However, the longhaired GSDs also shed enough hair as they have longer hair. Given that the dogs have longer hair, they shed the hairs that tend to be trapped in the coat.

Irrespective of these differences, you will find both varieties to be extremely loyal and intelligent. Neither variety will stop at anything to safeguard you or your family members. You should choose the type of dog that appeal to your specific sensibilities and seem to be right for the kind of lifestyle that you have.

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