How to become a Foster Pet Parent

Fostering a dog is one of the best ways to keep the homeless pets happy always. Most of the dogster members are well-known about the pet overpopulation problem both nationally and as well as internationally.  Most of the dogs that die sadly without shelters and the Foster pet parents rescue more number of such pity dogs every year. The major reasons for this problem are they didn’t get proper shelter, food and rescues. Most of the homeless pets are well-loved by the Foster family members and they give those pity dogs a huge chance to live safely. But, these dogs often feel that they are homeless and sometimes they might feel alone. And it gets scared and stressful to go from a place where they are well-loved because, they are surrounded by strange dogs, people, sights, and sounds. Foster homes are the great solutions for these kinds of dogs. And they really need a foster parent to live their life smoothly. If you really want to take care of this kind of dogs and you are ready to become a foster parent then these below listed instructions are very much useful for you.

What does a foster pet parent do?

As a foster pet parent, you must take care of the homeless dog until he or she is adopted. By showing affection to these dogs, they might get improvised their social skills and be a well-trained dog. A pet foster should provide a safe, loving home environment, offering proper diet food, affection, socialization, and exercise to keep the dog happy and healthy.

How a pet foster should be?

Everything has limits; likewise, a pet foster should also have certain limits. Before going to be a pet foster, you must know about all pets and you need to ask some question to yourself.

  • Do you have extra time to spend for your Foster dog?
  • Is there any breed restriction in your city?
  • Do you really like pets? And, whether you feel comfortable with behavioural issues in dogs?
  • Do you have any experience with dogs?
  • Do you have your family support after becoming a pet foster?
  • Are you ready to provide a healthy, safe environment for a dog?
  • Are you willing to be a foster pet (dog) to satisfy those special needs?

Why a pet foster get attached to the dogs or other pets than normal people?

When comes to a normal person, it is difficult task to care for and provide a better life for dogs. A person, who sacrifice all the things and treat the pets as one among their family members is known as ‘pet foster’. What a pet foster will do? If you feel that you have a deep love towards bringing up dogs and you want to adopt a dog, then a pet foster will show a right way for you. Moreover, with their help, you always have the opportunity to adopt a dog through the proper adoption process to be an official dog owner.

How long does the dog stay with pet foster?

There is no clear answer to this common question because, until you get a proper dog owner, these pets stays with the pet foster. This means a pet foster will be responsible for caring for all dogs that may be a long-term or a short-term process until they get a proper dog owner. Adoptions are an unpredictable and commitment process.

Who are the candidates?

Candidates are the dogs, as a candidate, they need a proper shelter and good behavioural pet foster. A pet foster should always obey some rules and regulations, such as most of the mother dogs, with new born puppies are not ready for the adoption process, during that time, they are recovering from illness.  And they need special care in order to become available for adoption, before this, no one can adopt.

Pet foster requirements

  • A pet foster should be at least 18 years old.
  • Ability to isolate foster pets from resident pets for first 14 days.
  • Commit to attend general volunteer orientation and foster training.
  • Commit to re-attend foster training if 6-months or more hiatus is taken at any time.
  • Must love animals and commit to providing ourselves with excellent temporary care.
  • Agree to return or adopt your foster animals.

What if there are other pets in their owner house?

Before going to adopt a foster dog you must know his/her characteristics and temperament. Separate your pets for while from the foster pets for a short period of time or until you are assured that the foster pet does not affect by any diseases. And also make sure that the pets you have in your household are friendly and welcoming to accept a new member of the family, even though you are a foster, the main thing that you to always remember is that the newly adapted foster pet is just temporary.

This unforgettable experience will warm your heart and provide you with an abundance of happiness. Once, you experience fostering a homeless dog, you want to continue the process as many times as possible.

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