How to Choose a Good Dog Sitter

Dog Sitter

Dog sitters can be crucial if you lead a busy life. Those who travel a lot for business may find a dog sitter very beneficial to them. Choosing the right dog sitter is very important and should not be taken lightly.

Dog sitters do more than feed your dog and take him for walks. They will spend time with your dog, provide him with exercise and take him to the vet is necessary. Many dog sitters will also bring in your newspapers and mail and help to do small tasks such as watering your plants when you are away.

Finding a reputable dog sitter is essential to your dog. Just because someone claims to be a pet sitter does not mean that they are a good one. When choosing a dog sitter make sure that you take the time to properly interview them and check out their qualifications. Ask for a few references and then check those references. They should have commercial liability insurance and they should have some type of formal training. Make sure that they take note of any medical conditions, likes dislikes and anything else that is important about your dog. Make sure the vet knows who your vet is and where any emergency vets are located in case of an emergency. They should also have a backup dog sitter just in case they have some type of personal emergency. Once you choose the perfect dog sitter make sure to have them come to your home to meet and get to know your dog.


Hiring a dog sitter can be beneficial to your dog. It allows him to stay in his normal environment, eat his normal food and go about his normal routine. It also saves your dog from the stress of travel and being in unfamiliar places. He will also get the care he needs while you are away.

Finding a dog sitter is relatively easy. Always check to see if your friends and family can recommend one. If they can’t check with your local humane society to see who they recommend. You can also ask your vet for recommendations. You can also contact the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International for recommendations.

It is important to get all of the details worked out with your dog sitter before you leave. If you are going to be gone longer than expected then contact your dog sitter as soon as possible to notify them. Make sure that they completely understand all special instructions before you leave your dog in their care.

Dog sitters are a great option when you want to make sure that your dog is completely taken care of when you are away. As long as they are qualified you should have no troubles.
Always be sure to fully interview them, check them out and check references before hiring them.

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