How to Choose Dog Names


Dog names are an important part of your dogs life. They should fit your dog and say something about his or her character. Choosing dog names are just like choosing children’s names and it is important to remember that you can’t change it so make it a good one.

The name of your dog says a lot about him or her. It also says a lot about you. If you name your dog killer, then people may perceive him or her to be aggressive and mean. If you name your dog Fido, people may perceive you and your dog to be boring and ordinary. It is essential that dog names portray the dog the way it should be portrayed and perceived.

Dog names are sometimes chosen due to popularity. Some popular dog names include Sam (variations include Samantha and Sammie), Max (variations include Maxine and Maxie), Lady, Shasta, Buddy, Bear, Ginger, Tasha and Maggie. These dog names are classic, traditional and popular. Names like Bailey, Chelsea, King and Baxter are also becoming popular dog names.

Choosing a dogs name should be looked at like choosing a child’s name. Look at the meanings and see if the meaning is appropriate for your dog. If your dog is gentle go for a name that means gentle. If your dog is energetic go for a name that means energetic. Dog names reflect the dog and people will judge a dog by its name.


If there are other people that live with you, let them help you choose dog names. Once you have a few chosen you can choose the perfect one from there. You can also call your dog a few names for a few days and see which name he or she reacts to the best. It is important to choose a name and stick with it as soon as possible or you may confuse your dog.

Some people also have nicknames for their dogs. If you name your dog Sam, you can also call him Sammie. If you name your dog Bailey, you can also call him Bails or B. Just try to make sure that the nickname is close to its actual name so it does not get confused.

When you are choosing dog names for a puppy keep in mind that this dog will grow up. Cute puppy names may not be suitable for a full grown dog that weighs eighty pounds.
Also, killer may not be suitable for a small puppy.

When choosing dog names think about how you would name yourself if your had the choice. If you hate a name then don’t give it to your dog. Choose a name that you like and that fits your dog perfectly.

Choosing dog names can be difficult. It can also be fun and it should be. Take a little time to think them over and make sure to think about how you want your dog to be perceived.

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