How to comfort a fearful dog


Naturally, I am a pet lover and here I am going to share few tips to comfort your fearful dog. Obviously, me and my siblings have shared a lot of space with dogs, cats and hen, therefore, I have few ideas to comfort a fearful dog that might really work well for you. Everybody loves to own a puppy, sometime it would be two, three or more in our house. Moreover, playing, sleeping, having conversation with them are the splendid stress busters, that we cannot deny at any cause.

Sometimes, we love to watch our pet dogs’ cute naughty behaviour; even we might wish to take videos of it and share their funny moments with all, which really melts all of our heart.

But, we don’t want to see those favourite pets in a fearful manner that make us worried a lot, about them and getting anxious to recover them from fear. This is the main reason why I wrote my own way of cuddling them, when they are at fear.

Guide your pets instead of teaching them

Like humans, dogs also need attention and affection from their owners; it develops confidence to them. Talking to your pet and giving them some space, creates a healthy bonding between you and your pet.

Playing with them around your garden or inside the house, creates a positive environment and treat them as they are one among in your family. Moreover, petting them often creates them to gain confidence, at the same time guides them to become well disciplined. Training or instructing them in a firm rhyming voice, makes them to learn discipline; but always be aware that you are providing training without hurting them.

Sometimes, it is necessary to guide them in a firm voice, for instance

  • No dear! Don’t do so.
  • Come on! Don’t do that.
  • Oh God!!! What are you doing dear etc.

These types of words make them to assume that we are not comfortable with its behaviour, so it’s better you start guiding your dog instead of teaching them. This gives them, great confidence in a disciplined way.

Take him for a walk, enjoy guiding him, and make him to enjoy your company, meanwhile you can also get relaxed with his company.

Why I am saying this because, we can easily console and comfort a disciplined and confident dog in any fearful situation, so guide him in an affectionate way.

What makes a dog, to go fearful?

Introducing into a new social environment, separation, anxiety, loneliness, other unfamiliar dogs, diseased or painful conditions, loud noises like thunder, lightning, burning crackers, crowded places are the things, which dogs can go frightened.

Now let’s see in detail of those fearful situations

Social environment

Some dogs may feel afraid of social environment, like heavily crowded places, meeting new people, or any social gathering at home itself. In such situations, dogs walk around and around wherever the owner goes, wherever he or she goes it will go like a shadow, wagging its tail and sharing his inconvenience, in a husky voice. So, don’t forget to pamper him in those conditions.

Separation anxiety

Pets generally feel fearful when we leave him at home lonely or to some other familiar houses, like if we leave our child to a care taker. Therefore, while leaving your pets alone, often engage them with small conversation and activities such as:

  • It’s time for me to go office dear.
  • Oh! Where is my key? Could you go and find it for me dear?
  • Ok take the key, say bye to mama.
  • Love you, miss you etc., are the words that help him to prepare for the separation.
  • Leave him some toys and his favourite food to eat, build an environment to ease himself.

Unfamiliar Dogs

Generally, dogs become fearful when a new dog approaching it, the fearful dog hides behind the owner with his tail tucked and ears go back and usually avoids the eye contact.

In this circumstance, owner should possess a good control over the dog. This is certainly the better time to guide your pet with pacifying words in a firm manner. Moreover, direct the pet to stay calm with some gestures such as holding back the rope, petting him on the head with caressing words, these tricks make him stay calm and reduces the fear, because most probably your pet can notice the owner’s reactions and connect with them, it will react according to your gestures; so, try to stay calm, so that, your pet may adopt the same kind.

If the owner has been found to be anxious or frustrated about his pet’s  behaviour, then it leads to become fearful  and may exhibit aggression due to fear.

Noise anxiety

It may be burning crackers, thunder, lightning, vacuum cleaner, or any other unfamiliar sound that makes him to go for extreme fear, like trembling on knees, nervousness, mourning, hiding beneath the chairs, tables, bed, etc., are the common habits.

In this circumstance, cuddle him with light strokes, pacify with words, draw his attention, stay with him until the pet feels better and make him return to the normal condition. Some people wear thunder shirts to pets and it is more welcoming nowadays, because, it is believed that it has various pressure points that has the tendency to create a sensation like swaddling a baby; even doctors are advising thunder shirts to pets, who are extremely uncomfortable, fearful of loud noises and fear for loneliness.

Diseased and painful conditions

Researches have shown that, dog are likely in diseased and painful condition would be in fear, sometimes, it will show even to their owners. If it is left untreated, the situation may go worsen and ended in aggressive behaviour as a result of its fear.

As a result of the study, researchers recommended the dog guardians should get their dogs to regularly health check-up.

Misconception about comforting a fearful dog

I heard, usually people say that comforting the dogs when he is afraid of anything, could reinforce the fear. But, I don’t find the truth behind it, but I can surely say one thing on my experience that comforting your dog when he is in fear won’t reinforce his fear, meanwhile it won’t pacify the fear too, instead he feels good to some extent that his lovable favourite guardian is staying along with him.

Yes!!! He is will be ok soon, when you will stay with him, he needs your company. That makes him to get back to normal, within a little time period.


Whatever may be the reason for their fear, your love and affection can create a positive environment toyour favourite ones. So, try to solve the issue with time and patience. Enjoy your life with those amazing pets.

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