How to Control Excessive Shedding of Your Pet Dog

golden retriever

Having a pet dog is a great idea, but whenever you think of having a dog, the clouds of dog hair makes you feel creepy. Obviously, you don’t want your tugs, sofa, mattresses and bed full of dog hair at all. But, you can’t do anything. Dogs will shed hair. What you can do is to control excessive hair shedding by following certain processes. Dogs shed hair, especially when winter is near. New hair grows and old hair is shed. Follow the following tips to control excessive hair shedding of your pet.

Brush Regularly

Brush dog

This is the best option you can have. Not weekly, not on alternate days, brush your pet daily with a soft pet brush so that they shed less. Also regular brushing keeps their hair soft, smooth and clean.

Feed Fatty Acid Supplement


It is very important to keep the fur of your dog healthy and glossy. You should talk to the vet and then add these supplements to their food.

Good Food Is Must

dog food

If you consult a vet, he will advise you to concentrate on the food of your dog as it plays vital role in shedding hair of dogs. Let them have high quality foods with enough protein resources.

Check If It Has Allergies

dog Allergy

Allergies and fleas can be vital reason of their excessive shedding. Keep an eye on your dog. If you see it scratching irresistibly or getting irritated, immediately take it to the vet so that it can be treated for fleas and allergies at early stage.

Cover Your Furniture


You can’t resist your dog not to get on the sofa or bed. So, the better idea is to cover these places with a simple covering. Also, cover your car seats to avoid hair everywhere. Also you should use vacuum cleaner to keep your house hair free.

Go for Regular Checkup


There are several reasons of excessive hair fall for dogs. It can be fungal infection, pregnancy, sunburn and even, cancer. You should take your canine friend regularly to the vet for thorough check up.

Give Bathe to Your Dog

dog's bathing

The cleaner your dog is, the healthier its coat will be. Use oatmeal shampoo once a week to keep your dog cleaner and healthier. This bathe will make its coat soft and glossy.

Now, you know how to handle excessive hair shedding of your dog. Having a pet is a matter of responsibility. Only have one when you are ready.


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