How to Find a Lost Dog

Lost Dog

A lost dog can be devastating. The first thing you will probably do is panic and become confused. Your best bet is staying calm and thinking rationally if you want to find your dog. There is a good chance they he just ran off to explore things and just couldn’t find his way back home.

When searching for a lost dog it is always a good idea to recruit some people to help you search. These can be family members, friends or neighbors. Multiple people will be able to cover more ground much quicker. Use your cell phones to keep in touch because you don’t want one of your searchers losing their way as well. Keep each other updated on what is going on. If anyone finds the dog be sure to let everyone know immediately. If you decide to put the search on hold, let the others know immediately.

Make sure that everyone looking for your lost dog is properly equipped. If it is cold or during the night make sure that they are dressed appropriately. You should also h
ave everyone wear some type of reflective clothing so that they do not become injured during the search. Make sure that everyone has some type of snack and some water just in case the search turns out to be a long one. Make sure that each person has some water and bowl so that they can give the dog water if they find it. Some type of dog food with a strong smell is also important because it may help to lure the dog. The searchers should search in pairs for their safety. This is also essential just in case it takes two people to capture the dog.

scared dog

If your lost dog is scared there is a good chance that it may run from people it doesn’t know so be prepared for this. A scared dog is most likely to hide in a place that is dark and quiet. Be sure to look under and in everything you pass and do not assume the dog will come to you if you call him. If there are woods nearby there is a good chance that the dog is there. When searching a wooded area it is best to start at the perimeter and slowly work your way in. Some people should also start from the center and work their way out. It is recommended that you add a mile to how far you think the dog would have ran and have those starting in the center, start from there.

A lost dog can induce panic, fear and confusion. You need to stay calm and organize a search as soon as you notice the dog is gone. Most lost dogs are found, but it may take a while so stay patient and don’t give up.

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