How to potty train your dog?


Are you going to bring a new puppy to home for your children? If yes, it’s time to understand the way to potty train your dog. Here are some easy and simple to follow tips when you want to train your dog for toilet practices.

Make a routine

Like you do with babies, small puppies also need to establish a routine for toilet. So, you should make a timetable for them to eat, play, sleep and doing other works. Your one month old puppy can control its bladder just for an hour while a two month old puppy can control it for two hours. So, you should take them out for this practice at predetermined interval according to their age.

Frequent outings

If you don’t want your dog to spoil your home and floor, it’s important for you to take your dog outside frequently. This should be done definitely just after waking, after drinking and eating and also after playing. Moreover, you should pick a bathroom spot for your dog somewhere outside so that he/she will understand where he/she has to go when it is having nature’s call.

Regular feeding

If you want your dog to be disciplined for going out for bathroom, you should plan a time for regular feeding to your dog. Don’t miss that time and also don’t give anything to your dog for drinking and eating apart from the time you decide. The regular time of feeding will determine the time of nature’s call too.

Remove the water bowl

It is important to avoid your dog from unwanted water releases after sleeping or during the night when you are unable to take it out for bathroom. So, it’s better to remove the water bowl away from your dog after two hours of eating. If you won’t remove the water dish, they will drink it and carry on playing by thinking that it is the time to play.

Avoid offering them food irregularly

Puppies eat generally 3 or 4 times a day. So, you should break the day in small periods to feed your dog and give them food to eat at that proper time.

Turning on lesser lights at night will also work. Just continuing these simple tricks for a few days is enough for your puppy to be trained for going out during nature’s call. Just don’t forget to decide a few spots for them outside for this purpose so that they will do it at the right place.

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