How to take care of sick puppies

Sick puppies

Sick puppies; Love and care brings life again

Puppies are like children and they should be treated with utmost care and love. When puppies fall ill, it causes great concern, as they are part of your family.

It is not that easy to find out if your puppies are sick. They cannot tell you if they are having some problem in the ears, eyes or in the stomach. You have to watch out for symptoms and make your own analysis.

Swelling, discharge and redness in the eyes; discharge and running nose; scratching and shaking ears; coughing, sneezing and vomiting; well then your puppies are sick. Another thing you have to look for are the puppies nose. Puppies have cold and wet noses. In sick puppies, the nose will become dry and warm.  This is the best way to know if your sweet loving puppy is sick or having a temperature.  If you come across the symptoms of sickness, it is better to call your veterinary doctor and seek his advice. Do not delay as it could worsen sick puppies.

It is always better to seek a vet’s advice and not to start your own treatment for sick puppies. When you find your puppy is sick, do care it as you care your children. They should be loved, cared, and given more comfort. Sick puppies are more receptive to love and care than the food when they are sick. Let the sick puppies have a quite place to sleep.  Give them more water than food and pat them often.

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