7 Tips On How to Take Care of Your Dog During Winter


If you have furry dog, they do well in winter. Their thick coat saves them from cold breeze. But, not all dogs can withstand winter, like Pug, Boxer, Greyhound, etc. You should be cautious enough to see the behavioral changes in your dog in winter and know whether they are coping up well or getting disturbed in the winter. To take good care of your canine friend in this chilly weather, you can follow the following tips.

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dog coat

Dogs like Akita, Alaskan malamute, etc comes with thick fur and can withstand heavy snow fall. But, there are several dogs which have thinner fur and they can’t take the chilly breeze. You can cover them with colorful coats while taking them out or even when at home. Cover your pet with furry coat from neck to tail and keep them cozy.

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