How to take good care of your Shih Tzu

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Here are some tips for owners of Shih Tzu to take proper care of them

Pets are counted among the most lovable and friendly creature especially puppies and dogs. There is no lack of the people all over the world who love to keep a puppy pet in their home as a family member. Shih Tzu are known as the great companion of human being; they are basically the descendants from the royal Chinese dogs.

Bathing and brushing
You need to bathe your dog once in a week. You can comb the hair of your cute pet every day for prevention of matting of fur. You need to understand well that Shih Tzu doesn’t have fur but a coat of hair that won’t shed. They just need proper care of their hair to avoid mess of hair and knots. You should also pay special attention to hair around the eye of your pup as long hair can interrupt their sight and come in between of her food and water. You can solve all the hair related problems in your Shih Tzu by just trimming them.

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Socialize your dog well
You might be afraid of taking your puppy out and letting him meet other dogs. Well, you should allow your Shih Tzu to meet other dogs from the very early age as it will make him socialized. If you will let your puppy experience the life outside the home, he/she will gain more experiences and feel familiar with other people as well as animals.

It is also important to take your dog out in the town so that he will not be scared of lights, noises, vehicles and various urban activities. You can also give him a teething ring as Shih Tzu tends to chew a lot in their early age; later you can make him stop this habit through proper training.

Shih Tzu needs to start exercise even when they are puppy. They are sturdy and strong and that’s why, they don’t have any problem in getting dirty more or less often. They should be offered sufficient space to stretch their body and play. They love playing with toys, so you should buy some for him and also plan regular visits to the dog park for him/her.
The last but not the least to know is that they are very sensitive to hot environment so you need to take special care of them in summer season. You should take care of providing proper shade and cool water to your Shih Tzu to withstand hot climate.

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