How to Tell a Dog What to Do Next

Dogs are the most common pet animal that is loved and brought up people all over the world. This is simply because, dogs are always calm, active and fun in nature. More than anything else, dogs obey what their owners order them and just follow to do some works helping their owners. People like to train their dog and make it as a professional dog. The Veterinary behaviourist says that if you learn to read your dog’s actions, it is a simple method to figure out what’s going on in your dog’s head. There are many types of training methods followed by dog-handlers. We must always train the dogs from the basic level. Initially, you need to instruct several more times to your dog to make it do a work. At the starting level, the process of training is really tough. For this reason, we should not stop the training. At a particular point, the dog gradually understands your instructions and start obeying all your commands. We must instruct every command or comment by clear demonstration, because, dogs can easily understand the physical works than the voice comments. There is number of training methods used to train a dog and make him obey the user instructions correctly. First of all, we should prepare our dog’s mentality suitable for training. It is the foremost essential step that is to be followed before every training process.

Preparing dog for training

This is the first step for all training process. We should know about the mentality of the dog and if it is fit for training. First, we must give some basic pieces of training for our dogs like jumping, running, catching, etc. These basic pieces of training should be followed on a daily basis. After that, we have to give some practical name for a dog. The name should contain a clear hard sound that the dog can recognize. You must use the name of dog to call at the time of playing, training, and petting. Then the dog will get easily attached with us. Moreover, always try to get the dog’s attention with its name. These basic level of training is very must and should be followed regularly.

Teaching your comments

  • Teach your dog the behaviour: The main reason of teaching your dog with commands is to help it associate easily with the command by performing one particular behaviour for the given command. This type of process increases the strength of the connection between the dog and the owner. At first, we have to treat a dog with kind and soft voice. Don’t use a stern voice for command, because if you command the dog with stern voice, then the dogs think that you are punishing them. So, always command the dogs with the happy and usual voice. This type of command make a dog feel a positive energy and then starts obeying your commands properly. If your dogs obey your commands properly, then give a treat with your hand. Let it sniff and lick your hand and then give the food for it. This type of treating methods helps to strengthen the bond between the dogs and the owners. If your dog performs any of your instructions well, then give any motivation action, like claps. Like this, every day you have to train the behaviour of your dog.
  • Watch your body language: Your dog will be understood your body language very well than a command. Your body language also affects your dog sometimes. So, you have to stand confidently and issue your command with an authoritative voice. But you don’t try to scare your dog at the training. You always make your dog to obey by some simple frightening process, that is enough.
  • Teach your dog to look at you to earn the treat: There are various types of commands used to control the dog. Sometimes, there are little confusions made by dog-handlers according to the commands. If you want to leave a dog from one place and you train the dog saying ‘no’, but in other places you don’t like the behaviour of your dog; in that time also you will also use the word ’no’, which really confuses a dog to take the instruction properly. To avoid this issue, one should use various kinds of commands. If you want your dog to obey you always, then you have to give the practice to it routinely. Each and every command will be learnt by your dog. Some of your body reactions also help you to attract your dog. In some situation, you should immediately offer praise, when the dog obeys your enclosed commands. It improves the positive thought of your dog. After that, the dog has the mind-set like, it receives an offer or reward, when it does a work or listen properly. You must be ready to give repeated exercises when your dog gains more concentration or it’s eye contact looks always on yourself. Because, this is the right time to train your dogs with proper commands and it will learn very easily and quickly at this time. You can make it focus and show even more self-control by the process of slowly increasing the duration of time that it needs to keep eye contact with you, meanwhile before anything you start offering any praise and treat.
  • Train your dog with associated commands: However “no” is a good preventable command for your dog, it may not always apply to all situations, especially if your dog proceeds or follows any behaviour. For these instances, it would be better to teach your dog with some other kind associated commands that you can also give training to your dog for understanding the behaviour you expect from it. Then it’s useful for your dog to follow a command like “come”. You can start teaching this command by saying before to your dog and making it chase. This kind of training offers a strong relationship between the dog and the person. Like that, teaching your dog “down”, if it jumps up on any other places or people.
  • Give plenty of exercises: The process of training is never stopped for any reasons. If you want your dog be a professional, then you must give obedience training and protecting training every day. It will make a daily routine. Give essential food and nutrition daily to your dog, because your training will depend upon the physical strength of your dog.

These are the processes, which make your dog’s obey your commands properly.

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