How to Train Your Maltese Puppy

If you are fond of small dog breed, Maltese can be a good choice. The name of this dog breed was derived from the city of Malta where it was first seen almost 28 centuries ago. Initially, it was regarded the possession of royalties. Soon, it wins heart and people go crazy over having a Maltese at home. This is the high demand of this dog breed that it has been sold at $2000, even in the 16th century. But, having a Maltese means you need to give much time to train it.

An untrained Maltese is only annoying and you definitely don’t want any foul play around you. Therefore, as soon as you bring Maltese puppy at home, you should start training it at that very moment. Training a Maltese is not difficult as they are quite intelligent and they are also very prompt adopter of instructions. You just need to be very consistent with your training instructions so that the dog never gets confused with the commands.

Why Maltese Dogs Are So Special?

Whenever you bring any dog breed to home, you need to be quite aware about it. Read about the particular dog breed and also ask questions to the breeder about it. While you are doing homework on Maltese, you will know that training Maltese is quite different than other dog breeds. Actually, they are quite calm and lazy and always try to avoid exercising.

Another essential feature of this dog breed is that they love companions and don’t prefer to live alone for much time. While training this dog, you should remember this point of companionship as Maltese love to be surrounded by people and other pets. Ignoring this issue only grow anxiety in your Maltese.

Along with all these aspects, you should always be easygoing with your Maltese. It is true that Maltese is quite cheerful, but sometimes it gets stubborn when you take it for walking or exercising.

Basic Issues with Maltese Training

Training a Maltese is different. While you are training Maltese puppy, make sure it also gets comfort of its mother until it reaches to the age of eight weeks. You can only be a good owner if you take care of your Maltese puppy and look over all its benefits. While training Maltese puppy, you should be always on its side and help to socialize it with people around it.

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