Important Things That All Dog Walkers Should Know

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Dog walkers are seen everywhere. You see them in parks, in pet stores and walking past your house. There is a dog walking etiquette that should be followed though no matter where a dog is being walked.

Dog walkers should always walk their dog on a leash when possible. Just because your dog is normally well behaved does not mean he may stray just once. Walking your dog on a leash is not just polite, but it can also help to keep your dog from running off.

Dog walkers may want to invest in some type of dog training if they have a large and/or energetic dog. The last thing you want is to be dragged off at 40MPH if your dog decides to chase a cat. Dog training can prevent this because your command to heel or sit will be obeyed by your dog.

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Dog walkers should always make sure that dogs are allowed where they plan to walk them. If you want to walk your dog in the park make sure that there aren’t any restrictions on where you can walk him. Not all trails allow dogs so be sure to read all signs.

Dog walkers should always carry a few little bags and a pooper scooper. No one likes to step in dog poop and it is common courtesy to clean up after your dog. Make sure you throw the filled up bags away in the appropriate trash containers.

Dog walkers need to make sure to keep themselves and their dog hydrated. Carry a bottle of water for you and a bottle of water for your dog. You can carry a small plastic cup or an inflatable water bowl for your dog to drink from.

Dog walkers should rest and let their dog rest every once in a while. When you rest make sure that it is a shady place. You can also let your dog go for a quick swim if the water is clean and they are allowed to be in it. Do not leave your dog unattended because they may take off or drown if you are not keeping an eye on them.

Dog walkers should always have some type of identification on their dogs. Carry a photo of your dog and get him a name tag. Embedded microchips are also a good idea if you often take long walks. Some states require that all dog owners carry the dogs rabies certificate with them when they are walking. Check with your local government office to see if this applies to you.

Dog walkers should always make sure that their dog is ready to walk before taking him. Some dogs may not be healthy enough for long walks. If your dog has any medical issues consult your veterinarian before taking him on walks. Always start with short distances and work your way up.

Dog walkers should always follow these rules and suggestions when walking their dog. Walking your dog can be fun and great exercise for the both of you. Common sense and a little common courtesy will make walking your dog a truly enjoyable experience.

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