Information and facts about Pug

Square body, round head and a curly tail – yes, it is a pug. His wrinkly face and playful personality steal hearts wherever he goes. Kind to other animals and an adaptable breed, a pug would love to be a part of your family. He does not like to exercise, but would follow you everywhere you go.

Do let the wrinkled face of this boy fool you. A pug is always laughing inside. He laughs, wants to laugh and makes people laugh. A Pug is one of the most loveable animals, and that is exactly what makes him as popular as a pet.

History of breeding

These dogs were bred as the companions of the Chinese royals. They have always been and till this date are house pets. There are not enough pugs in the world as their admirers.

Temperament and adaptation

They are lovable dogs and for centuries they are known for easily adjusting to the family routine and time. They are usually welcoming to the strangers, especially if you have a social lifestyle- they are least likely to bark at anyone. They love to be in public and are the perfect toy breed.

Being a social breed, they are good with children, cats and dogs. Hardier and bigger than most of the small dogs, pugs can withstand rough play. You can leave them to be on their own.


They respond well to training. Remember that they have a knack of being spoiled, and if you do not train them at an early age, they will become stubborn. They love eating and would give you a pleading cute face, but keeping their weight under check is important to prevent bone disorders in them.

Another important part of their training is that leaving them without commands would also cause obnoxious behavior like digging, stealing food and barking. That is especially when they are bored and not trained well. They need at least 5-6 hours of your day.


They like to stay in cool weather, avoid taking them out in sun or restricting their water intake. They are indoor pets and would like to stay with you inside when the weather is not preferable.

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