Is pug the right pet for you?

One of the most popular small dog breeds, the charm of a pug is going to make you crazy. His wrinkle face and fun loving personality is what attracts the world. We can trace its history back to the ancient Tibetan times where pug was the companion of Chinese nobility. But is that enough information for you to buy them? Definitely not. Here are the few facts about pugs that would help you make an informed decision.

They are friendly

This would not be a surprise to many of the readers- as this breed has always been popular because of their friendly nature. They would follow you everywhere and are always in need of attention. This breed is the friendliest with other dogs and animals. Attacking children is not even a chance.

They love snuggling

They can only give a small time to exercising, but if you offer them your lap, they are not going to leave it anytime soon. If you snore, well- you have company now.

Maintenance and training

Taking care of a pug is never costly, provided you give them good care. They will make you laugh during training, because they would try to skip it with their pleading face. But it is important to know that pugs never like to get trained. You have to be very patient with them to ensure they listen to your commands. Start their training at an early age, and keep them occupied and active to control aggressive behavior and barking.


They shed a lot of hair during fall and spring. Keep them clean with a monthly shampoo bath. Keeping their coat well-groomed is easy. Brush them every weekend and cut their nails. This is all they need.

Cleaning their nose and wrinkled face is also important to prevent fleas. Avoid keeping their face damp because it would cause infection. Buy a vet approved tooth paste for them to keep their teeth clean.

An interesting fact about pugs is that they like being cleaned. So it would not be an issue for you to give them a bath.

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