Keeping a Maltese as pet

This shoe button eyed, the silky white toy is Maltese. The credit of their popularity goes to their bright eyes, bold personality and lively behavior. Being a toy breed, they weigh less than 7 pounds and are a complete charm.

This spunky and small breed is known for its adorable attitude. They have always been a companion dog that wants to love and be loved. If you want a breed that is compact in size, plays around in your house and keeps your mood light- then a Maltese is what you are looking for.

Exercise and training                                                                                     

They are small but need exercise and training. They can be troublesome, just as in the nature of every dog. Do not give them free hand prior to training them well, else they will not listen to you. Show them your love and train them with small tricks and mind games. Hide their toys, throw the ball and show them how to jump.

Start training them the day you bring it home. They are capable of learning everything you teach them. A 12 weeks old Maltese pup would respond to your commands faster than any other toy breed.

Maltese Personality and Temperament

Don’t go on their small size – they are packed with energy. They love spending time indoors but would get extremely excited when you take them outside. Being people oriented, they like playing around with your friends. Give them attention and they would listen to absolutely anything you say. They are great at sports and tracking. This breed can even be a therapy dog.

Health and Vaccine

Ensure keeping your tiny breed in good health. Vaccination is important as they are vulnerable to rabies, parvovirus, and distemper. While you train your dog, also teach them to not eat anything that is not given to them. Overeating is a big cause of health problems in this breed. If not controlled, they can gain excessive weight which affects their bones. If you feel like your puppy is becoming fatter, starve them a little for a few days to ensure that they come back to their recommended size.

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