Know More about Pomeranian before Bringing It to Your Family

Pomeranians make good pet for your family, but you need to create proper atmosphere for it so that it can live happily at your house. Having a dog is not lesser responsibility than raising your baby. You have to take every care of it to keep it fit and healthy.

Usually, Pomeranians are one of the most sturdy toy dog breeds you can have as your pet. They are lively and energetic and always ready to learn new tricks. You just need it to groom to live at apartment as they are kind of independent nature and don’t prefer too much enclosed surrounding.

But, training your ‘Pom’ won’t be difficult as they are quite docile and very affectionate. If you train properly, they can be obedient to their owner. They can be socialized with other pets if they are trained at very young age. But, sometimes they get overprotective for their owners and snap at strangers, so, try to socialize it when it is a pup. There are certain more things that you need to take care of when you have a Pomeranian at house-

They Need Daily Exercises

You have to take them for walking, running around or play with them at least half an hour a day. If you don’t have much time to take it to the park, involve it to several indoor works, like fetching, search and found objects and other games where they can run along. This will work as energy booster to them.

Proper Grooming Is Necessary

Pomeranians shed a lot. Therefore, they need proper grooming. Brush their coat regularly. Actually, Pomeranians have double-coated body. The surface fur is shed regularly and you should be careful about it. The undercoat is shed twice a year only. Having a Pomeranian means you need to take good care of their eyes. Their large eyes are always tear-staining and leaking. So, you need to whip it daily. You should also clean their ears as they are quite prone to ear infection.

Health Issues

Pomeranians are quite sturdy dog though there are certain health issues that disturb them. Due to color variations, Pomeranians suffer from certain health problems. Sliding knee-cap or Luxeting Patellas is one of the most common physical issues in Pomeranians. Other than that they can suffer from hyper pigmentation, alopecia, tracheal collapse, etc.

Try to buy your Pomeranian puppy from reputed breeders so that it won’t have any genetic disorder and you don’t need to be trapped in mess.

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