Lab puppies facts


The best friend of man

It is heard that the lab puppies are the most loved pets found in most of the families on this earth. They are known for their warm, loving and friendly nature. This breed was exported from Newfoundland to England near the beginning of 1800. Labrador retriever comes in two varieties: The strong and long limbed American and the English type which is bulky and heavy.

Labrador retriever is generally 50-80 pounds in weight and is 21.5 – 24.5 inches in height. This breed is double coated. There is a thick upper coat. The soft coat underneath is water proof. This beautiful breed is available in black, chocolate and yellow color coats. Shedding is average for the Labrador retriever and extraordinary care should be taken to prevent the undercoat from mats and also tangles. The lab puppy needs a bath and shampooing only when it is required.

The Labrador retriever is a strong, sporty and an evenly balanced pet. This pet is extremely friendly and holds a lovable personality. They are very intelligent, trustworthy and very devoted. They like human friendship and also get along very well with other breeds. They like to take part in family sessions, swimming and to run in open areas.

Labrador retriever van be easily chained and they respond to soft handed training methods. They need respect and rewards. Labrador retriever is often seen in putting in a splendid performance in Police work and rescue operations. The Labrador retriever since ages has been an amazing instance of “the best friend of man”.

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