Maltese puppies facts


Maltese Puppies – the delightful little toy lap puppies to cuddle and hold closer

If you are looking to buy Maltese puppies from reputable breeders or to adopt from a rescue, then you have to first ascertain that you know much about the dog breed. Every puppy is different and you should start looking up the internet for available resources if you want to keep Maltese puppies as pets.

The Maltese is quite a handful for its owner for their vibrant energy and they are notorious for their habits of house breaking. They need to be paper trained or box trained, rather than allowed to go out. If Maltese pups are subjected to aggression at the onset there is mighty chance of their getting aggressive later on.

Although the Maltese are wee in size, they are not much apprehensive about their size and they remain quite indifferent to the larger objects and creatures. This makes them very social in their natures and they are friends with bigger dogs and even cats. The Maltese are playful and lively as pups and even when they age they maintain their energy level and their attitude quite constant.

Maltese are usually very good to children but a Maltese would not be a good choice for a family that has infants. They feel in some way that infants are other puppies they can play with and the after effect can be gruesome. Once the pup grows, he becomes more mature and he is a fine companion for children then.

The Maltese is a toy dog and it is noted for its snowy white hair and small size. It is a lap dog, favorite of the lady. It is a therapy dog, because of its loving nature. A Maltese is nine inches tall and weighs somewhere between four and six pounds. The body is bold and it has very dark eyes, black nose, eye lid margins and lip margins. It has a plumbed tail that it carries gracefully on its back. The cost is long and flaky white, but most breeder give the Maltese pup a short cut.

A Maltese does well in obedience training lessons and is a wonderful companion for your older children who find in him a loveable pet.

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