Mastiff puppies facts

Mastiff puppies are calm and very peaceful pets. Some Mastiff pups may be more active than the others but as a general rule, they are pleasant. They are also fast learners and hence a pleasure to train. A well taught order is immediately understood by the pet and they remain obedient. Being sensitive, they are not too fond of loud orders or yelling and bad treatment.

Here is an important tip for all those who are away at work and are planning to bring home a mastiff pup. One advice for them would be to wait till both you and the puppy is well acquainted with each other and that the pet is also comfortable being in the house with you. Once the pet is convinced that you would definitely return home after work and trusts you enough on that, you can leave the pet home alone. But be sure to win the trust of your pet first.

Mastiff puppies need a lot of sleep. They also tend to eat a lot. Ensure that the pet’s food is nutritious enough and do not go by common brand names. There are some pet food companies that manufacture food especially for mastiffs. This would be ideal. A mastiff devotes a lot of importance to his sleep and privacy. Make sure that there is a special corner for your mastiff where he can have an uninterrupted sleep. Also frequent contact with other pets in the neighbourhood will make the dog much more social and friendly.



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