Newborn puppies

Newborn puppy

Newborn puppies – Handy Tips To Take Care of Newborn Puppies

Newborn puppies are similar to the babies that are just born and equally need mother’s warmth, love and care. It is simply amazing to watch the tiny and little puppies grow up to become the robust and great looking pups. They look cute and are extremely cuddly. Newborn puppies get extremely dependent on their owners for their existence.

Three weeks since birth the newborn puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature and hence needs to be very properly guarded against cold. One can use indirect heat to keep the newborn puppies warm and comfortable. They crave for love, attention and importance. They tend to remain cling to the owner. So a good amount of time is required to be spent with the new born puppies.

To check for fever in the newborn puppies, it is advised to touch the nose of the puppies. If it is dry it implies that the puppy has fever. The tiny puppies need to be always kept in dry condition and warm temperature. As the newborn puppies need different nutritional requirement, so it is the dry puppy food with which they should be fed. In many cases nowadays crate training is being advised for the newborn puppies. Different breed of puppies’ exhibit varied temperament and requires different kind of training.

Puppies are simply wonderful addition to the existing living style. They however grow up to be big dogs. So, whatever attitude they exhibit as they grow up depends on the care, attention, love and training received when they were the little ones.

So raising a newborn puppy takes effort.

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