Newfoundland puppies facts


Newfoundland Puppies – All About These Wonderful Creatures

“Newfie” is what the Newfoundland puppies are known as. They are great water rescuer. They are quite big in size and strength. They are also well known for hauling capabilities. They are most elegant breed of puppies. They attach a lot of dignity to themselves and walk around in elegance. These are extremely delightful companions and are very friendly by nature.

This breed of puppies has a water resistant double coat. It protects the puppies against the cold and frigid water. The texture of the coat is coarse and oily. The undercoat is quite soft in texture. The color of the coat ranges from solid black, brown to gray.

They are very friendly and sociable by nature. They are quite responsible too. They live extremely well with parents. As a family member they remain attached with everyone. Their sense of loyalty is praiseworthy. They are very protective about themselves as well as each member of the family. These Newfoundland puppies respond extremely well with love and gentleness. The other characteristics exhibited are being docile and heroic.

Extreme care needs to be taken while shampooing these puppies. Dry shampooing is advisable so that the oil in the coat is not damaged. Daily brushing is a must for this breed of puppies. The diseases that may occur in this breed of puppies are hip dysplasia, heart attack and fast gaining of extra fat.

This breed of puppies is extremely sensitive and will not respond to harsh voice. They are often trained to be guard dogs. They have a tendency to be lazy but stays well in apartments with lot of family members.

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