Brichon Frise Puppies

Bichon Frise Puppies

Brichon frise; white loving family friends

Sweet, little, fluffy coated white dogs, the Bichon frise is the one that one loves to have at home. Loves to being part of the family and also going easy with the children, the Bichon frise are very sociable unlike other breeds.

Very attractive, the breed has found place in almost all homes. Loving the home and family, the Bichon frise is intelligent, bold, lively and affectionate, which no other breed has. They are also so close to elderly people. The Bichon frise would look so gloomy when no one is at home, which only shows that these breeds are really family friendly.

If going to buy the white lovely Bichon frise puppies, it is better to do some research. Log into the Internet and you get all information you need about Bichon frise puppies from choosing the best breed to training and caring. If you want to buy, then also you can buy online through the Internet, where you come across hundreds of Bichon frise puppies sites. But it is easier to search the newspapers and also the pet stores in your locality as it helps you to have a close watch of the Bichon frise puppies before buying it.

Coming in pure white, Bichon frise puppies have long and loosely curled hair all over the body, which requires frequent trimming and brushing to give it a glorious look. Get the white little master of your home, which is so affectionate and a lovely companion to everyone at home.


Beagle Puppies facts

beagle dog

Beagle Puppies – large brown eyed darlings

The word Beagle is derived from the French word “begueule” which means an open wide mouth. The French “beugler” means “bellowing” and the German word “begele” means to scold. Whatever, be the actual connotation, the beagle is noted for its peculiar call, almost like a fox or a jackal.

The Beagle pup looks much like the Foxhound. Its head is broader and the muzzle looks much shorter. The legs are much shorter in relation to the body and they look absolute darlings, the females being a little shorter than the males. They have extremely beautiful eyes, which are large, brown, hazel with a pleading look in them. The ears are long and rounded at the tips. The pups have a slightly curved tail with a tip of white.



The Beagles appear in a variety of colors and there are large, areas of black and brown shading and they can have any hound color. White and tan are the two most common varieties for the pups. There are ticked or mottled colors available like the blue-ticked beagle and the tri-color beagles also look wonderful.


The Beagle has a very gentle disposition and even temper. The Beagle pup is usually merry and not aggressive. They are amiable and can be called real timid at times. They enjoy the company of people but they are usually a bit distant with strangers. They are good guard dogs and a Beagle Pup can be trained up as one. The Beagle is an intelligent dog and quite obedient. They are determined and single minded and are hard to train at times.

A Beagle pup is excellent with the children but they suffer anxiety of separation if they are left alone as pups and also when they grow up. Just because they tire off easily with exhaustion, they should be made to rest after some hard exercise.

beagle puppies facts


Basset hound puppies

basset hound puppies







Things that can help you in knowing your pet better

The development of the Basset hound puppies is supposed to be from a mere curiosity. It is believed that in the 16th century in France, a mutation led to the birth of short legged puppies. These puppies were then bred together, which resulted in the short and long bodied hounds.

The Basset Hound puppies are long but are low to ground. This means that their height is short. It is heavy boned having a solid appearance. Their chest nearly touches the ground and is broad and deep. Their deep muzzle and long ears up to a certain limit resembles like the head of bloodhound. Again, their ability in terms of scent is almost similar to that of a bloodhound.

Coat of a Basset Hound Puppies is short and dense, which can be easily kept and the coloration is like any other recognized hound. The front leg of the basset hound puppies is crooked or bowed and makes only one third of the total height.

These types of puppies are vulnerable to back problems. So, it is always advised that they should be properly taken care off and watched. Besides, this is also a type of breed that has the tendency to become obese, if they are not having a proper diet or are not well exercised. Basset hound puppies are generally placid but sometimes are stubborn too. So, at times during their training they become very hard to handle.

It is a type of breed that needs training early to follow their masters’ instruction whenever called for.

basset hound puppies facts


Australian Shepherd puppies










Australian Shepherd puppies – your original sheep dog

If you are looking to keep Australian shepherd puppies as pets, there are a few points to ponder upon. This pup when it grows to be a dog would do poorly if he is kept in an apartment. These are dogs with great intelligence and they are made to think and work. They perhaps require a farmyard to run about or a fenced enclosure. They form a good bonding with the family and would take up much of your time and attention. They would follow the master everywhere like the faithful “little lamb” and they would want to ride in cars or help you with the daily chores. If left alone for a long stretch of time they would become destructive. They need to be well socialized with children.

An Australian shepherd pup would grow up to twenty to twenty three inches and weight somewhere around 50-65 pounds. The females are a little lesser than that. The pup needs a lot of grooming with a bristle brush and that would help to keep his coat healthy. Brushing would help to make her close to you as you go about doing this regularly with him. The coat is of medium length and coarseness. He should be made to brush his teeth regularly. These pups grow to become loving pets and live between 12 to 16 years if brought up with care and they live under good medical conditions.

Your Australian shepherd pup is the livestock breed that got developed in the western part of America but they do have their origins in Australia.

australian shepherd puppies facts


Anti bark dog collars


Anti Bark Dog Collars are something people are not aware of, and some even do not even want to think about them. Why should you use these anti barking devices? Anti bark collars for dogs are a scientific and humane way to discontinue your dogs’ unnecessary howling. Which you do not like most of the time, moreover, the neighbors also complain for the same and it gets embarrassing at some point or the other. They are inside the quality guide-line of challenging barking devices on the marketplace at hand.

Some replicas react to the pressure group of a dog voiced sounds. Other replicas are made with a fitted microphone that elect to choose up on the dog howling and commences the correction progression. These Anti Bark collars are not injurious and are very effectual toward teaching a dog that barks over ordinary capacity. By utilizing anti bark dog collars dog speedily learns the dissimilarity among while it is not good to bark and while it’s ok. These anti barking collars are made strong and sturdy to survive the weather conditions and last an extended time.

antibark collars citronella spray
Types of collars

There are different models in which you can get the Anti dog barking collars for your pet, second-hand as a more familiar move on the way to ending ridiculous barking. The new shock collar is risk-free for your pet and produces a disclosure shock that is extra of an annoyance to your dog. This is what captures the attention of your pet. These anti barking strategy have been confirmed to be successful for rectifying your dogs bark actions. Reports have revealed, when appropriately utilized with the least amount of alarms; these collars are a protected and constructive way to end unnecessary barking.

Citronella spray

Citronella spray collar is a different selection of these anti bark collar in the market now days. They are prepared with petite containers that are packed with fluid. These containers are fixed firmly to the posse of the collar and discharge a squirt to the dog gag region when his howl goes into overdrive. Its stench is unlikable to your pet, however agreeable to humans.


Anti dog collars are precious training gears because you’re at hand is not requisite for them to be successful. By means of anti barking strategy to handle your dog barking disarray will educate your dog to merely bark when necessary. It does not concern the normal barking requirements for your dog. They will keep barking when it is occasion to be shielding are any other normal want for barking, when you do not have sufficient time to train your pet to stop him from barking unnecessarily, then it time for you to get these anti barking tools. So get one of these for your peace of mind.

anti bark dog collars facts

Shih tzu puppies


Letting Your Shih Tzu Settle Down

Shih Tzu puppies are extremely frisky and noisy right from the time that they are born. They are quite nomadic is nature and are not one to be tied down to one particular place. They also like a lot of space, you just might have to move things around and make way for them to indulge themselves. Shih Tzu puppies have a very keen sense of smell and differentiation and can spot the breeder immediately. They can get fidgety if someone else handles them. It is advisable to let the breeder handle them initially, as that would ease out the transition phase for them and help them adapt to others more easily. Due to their squirmy nature, they need time to get used to human touch and definitely do not enjoy sitting in your lap until they actually begin to walk.

Shih Tzu puppies need to be conditioned to control their biting reflex. As puppies the bites may be harmless, but if they do not learn to curb it, they might carry the trait even as adult dogs and cause a lot of pain to somebody. If you have a single pup, it would be a good idea to allow it to play with other Shih Tzu puppies if possible as that helps them develop socialization skills without which it has been observed that they tend to get aggressive and stubborn sometimes even destructive. Once they are given enough time to get to know people Shih Tzu puppies adapt very well and become loyal pets.

shih tzu puppies facts

American bulldog puppies facts

american bulldogs

How this breed proves to be an excellent family pet?

American bulldog puppies have their origin from the English bulldog. These categories of puppies are considered amongst the best ones to have as a family pet. They are larger than their English counterparts. Again from the beginning only, they are filled with agility and athleticism. They also have a sound and strong temperament.

Another thing that is noticeable with American Bulldog Puppies is that they have an alert, intelligent, and no-nonsense appearance in them. They are more stocky and sturdy than their English counterparts and have heavier bones.


Larger heads and broader bodies are seen with these puppies from a very early age. When they grow up, their tails become lower. They are thicker at the base and tapering towards a particular point. The gait feature of these puppies is a reflection of their power and agility. It gives the feeling that the creature is about to have a spring on someone.


Again, American Bulldog Puppies are devoted companions for the whole family. They belong to a species group where features like athleticism and hardworking are common. Apart from that, they are also tenacious. However, this characteristic does not forbid them to respond well towards children. It is found that they become good companions of the younger family members. Their loyalty towards their owner is clearly visible and with time it is seen that they become excellent hunting dogs.


American Bulldog Puppies are easy to maintain and only a brushing of the coat can clear them of their dirt. However, these puppies should never have unnecessary exposure to water. If you have these puppies in your family, you will never feel like repenting towards your decision.

American bulldog puppies facts



Akita Puppies Facts


Akita Puppies of Japan

Akita puppies are the national dogs of Japan. They were the symbol of aristocracy and are considered as natural monument. These Akita puppies were expensive and highly revered too. The noble class people owned this breed of dogs. In earlier days, they were used as hunter for the bear and boar. Their roles as Imperial guards were in high demand. Today they are mostly the therapy dog and guard dog.

Akita puppies belong to the spitz breed. They are the largest of this type of breed. Akita puppies are large and quite muscular. They are found in almost any color. They walk with lot of dignity and are extremely courageous by nature. Other qualities of Akita puppies are extreme sense of alertness and ability to respond fast. They are extremely good swimmers too as the paws of the Akita puppies are webbed. The temperament of Akita puppies is mostly quiet but they can get aggressive seeing other puppies. They are very intelligent and spontaneous. They do not fear anything. They simply love their families and are great companions. Akita puppies are very loyal too. They are aloof to strangers. These Akita puppies cannot stay alone for a longer period.

Akita puppies have double coats. The outer coat is a bit harsh and stands off the body. The under coat is dense and lies close to the body. Proper grooming with regular brushing is essential. They work and stay well with love, attention and gentle care.

Akita puppies are peoples’ best companions.