Papillon puppies facts


The Butterfly Dog, your Papillon puppy

Papillon is understood to have originated from France nearly 700 years back. In French “Papillon” represents “Butterfly Dog” because of their butterfly like ears.

Papillon puppies are tiny, friendly and elegant. By heart they are gentle, watchful and cheerful. They are good watch dogs and as well as superior home pets. Amongst the tog dogs the Papillon’s are rated the best in terms of obedience. Generally the Papillon’s are quite healthy minimizing the exercise requirements.

The ideal height of a Papillon is 8 -11 inches and weight 3-9 lbs. A Papillon puppy is white in color and has patches of any other color. Elongated, comfortable fringes wrapping from massive ears denotes the Papillon puppy trademark.

Hygiene is an important feature in petting Papillon puppies. Regular bathing and brushing, is essential for hair growth and removing of mats. Its hair to some extent should be humid while brushing to avoid breakage. Please remember not to pull out mats which are small in size, rather the mats need to be broken apart cautiously.

Trimming of nails to be done on a regular basis for it to keep it short and uphold the foot shape.

Papillon very often takes part in sports supported by vocal combined with body language instructions ideally from a handler. Papillon puppies are agile in nature making them to jump, weave and scramble.

If you take good care in proper grooming and caring of your Papillon puppy, then rest assured that your puppy would look and feel the best.

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