Pekingese puppies facts


Pekingese Puppies – The Chinese legacy

The “Peke” is what the Pekingese puppies are referred to. Pekingese puppies hail from China. They resemble the Chinese lion and are also greatly revered by them. Traditionally, these puppies were mostly members of the Chinese Imperial palace.

The Pekingese puppies crave for attention. They are mostly pampered and loved by all. By nature these puppies are extremely dignified and haughty befitting the Chinese demeanor. These breeds are a well-balanced breed with love for independence and are fearless too.

The Pekingese puppies are extremely sensitive and caring. They are one master dog and remain faithful and loyal to their owners. The puppies are very stubborn and opinionated. They exhibit the ultimate characteristics of aristocracy. They are great watchdogs as they are wary about strangers. They behave extremely well with children and older people. They do not get along well with other pets. These puppies are more stoic by nature and hence become difficult to train. They respond well in short session of obedience. These puppies behave best with patient guidance.

They stay well in apartments and play in indoor activities only. However they enjoy short walks quite frequently in a day. These puppies require diligent, regular brushing to prevent tangles and knots in the hair. Care should be taken to wash the face and eyes with damp cloth. They are prone to injury in the knees and often suffer from breathing problems. This breed of puppies gain weight easily so the diet should be of utmost care.

This Chinese Peke is available in all colors and patterns so why the wait go get one cool pup and enjoy your time in its company.

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