Pit bull puppies facts

Pit bull

Some of the historians are of the view that this breed originally belong to the past breed of bulldogs as they have woodcarvings and old prints to believe their view. Also regarded as a descendant of what was originally called as the English bull baiting Bull dog .These dogs were found in the early 18th century in the US working as frontier guardians and farm dogs, always been bred with working and a powerful dog.

Pit bull puppies may range from 22 pounds to up to 110 pounds in weight while commonly they are found to be around 35-55 pounds .These puppies vary from small, large to extra large in size .Like any other pet, these puppies are highly adorable and very much in demand for adoption .One may find a pit bull puppy in colors of white, beige, black, grey and sometimes also in rarer silver or merle, fetching huge prices in the market.

Pit bull puppies are generally a healthy breed, but sometimes get prone to allergies, hereditary cataracts, hips dysplasia and various heart diseases .This breed is quite active if they are well exercised .A must for these puppies is daily long walks along with a warm climate .They have short and smooth haired coat which is easy enough to groom but requires regular brushing with a bristle brush .They are an average shedder.

Pit bull puppies are very nice with kids but not very human aggressive. In fact, they are fun loving dogs, quite famous for their sportive nature, affection and love for human contacts.

Training proves to be an important matter for discussion when it comes to these pit bull puppies as it requires a lot of labor but regular and affectionate training helps. It’s fun to train a pit bull puppy. Both tracking and driving can be fun for the master and the dog, thus helping to create a stronger bond between them.

However, there are certain serious issues related to them like problem in housebreaking and teething. They develop a tendency to chew anything that comes their way, even their own legs and hands .It becomes difficult to train them because they are very moody during this period.

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