Pomeranian puppies facts


Pomeranian Puppy – your buddy for life

The existence of Pomeranian was around the 18th century in the country of Germany.

With an average height and weight of ten inches and six pounds respectively it is mostly available in various colors. Pomeranian puppies are small and look like a fox.

Amongst the toy breeds, Pomeranian puppies are really famous. Pomeranian has an assertive character and enjoy human companionship. They are very playful and active in nature. They also love to get pampered. Pomeranian puppies are indeed very lovable and faithful. The Pomeranian is not always friendly with children. Hence proper supervision is to be done, accordingly.

Pomeranian are cat like in nature as they behave and want to be clean. Sometimes the Pomeranian can be unfriendly to family members if they are not appropriately socialized. When the Pomeranian wants attention they should be given.

The Pomeranian possess a long, straight coat which is also harsh. The undercoat is soft and feathery. Brushing daily is highly recommended to prevent mats and a bath once in a month is also advisable. They may shed once or twice in a year regular clean up of ears eyes and teeth are necessary.

He is indeed a very good watch dog. Anything strange would draw their attention resulting in a harsh bark. As they do not posses their physical attributes and courageousness, they may not be able to deal with all threats.

If you have decided and found one, then please ensure to devote your time to appropriate grooming and cleaning in order to make your Pomeranian puppy a happy buddy for life.

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