Poodle puppies facts


Poodle puppies – Gentleman at Home and Athlete at the Show

Though Poodle originates from France, Germany also features in the picture as per some establishments. Most likely the Germans called the breed “Pudel” i.e. “splashing in water”.

Poodle has a lively, intellectual and stylish nature. The Standard Poodle is built up squarely and has a firm movement making them very proud. Poodle puppies are seen nearly in all colors. They possess a curly fur, which is thick. Poodle puppies have usual drop ears and a gust of fur on their head.  <p>
With an average height of 22 to 27 inches and an average weight of 45 to 70 lbs, they are one of the best companion dogs.

The Poodle puppies are very intelligent, energetic, and fast to imitate and learn. Please note that kenneling of Poodle breeds is not at all advisable, as they love human companionship very much. Poodle puppies are very loving to children and also to other dog breeds. They behave like a gentleman at home but like an athlete at shows.

Shampooing, brushing, and trimming regularly the Poodle puppies is imperative. Even the nails and the ears needs to be trimmed small and a weekly teeth brushing is necessary. These puppies take pleasure in swimming walking and running. So you’re grown up Poodle puppy can be your jogging partner.

The Poodles are outstanding family pets. They familiarize themselves to all kinds of situations and fulfill his master’s desire. As a Poodle puppy owner you can expect a smart, contended dog that would definitely shine in obedience.


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