Pug puppies facts


The friendly Pug puppy – follows you everywhere!

The Pug is a very small in size with an immense personality. It originates from China (1766-1122 B.C.) and was very well liked amongst the Tibetan monks.

With an average 35 cm height, 15lbs weight, it also has a sphere-shaped head with large eyes, folded 90 degrees ears, and a wrinkly forehead. Its curly tail gives the pet out of the ordinary look. The Pug has a short hairy coat of the following colors:
•    Silver
•    Fawn
•    Apricot
•    Black

Astonishing! Black mask is what is common in them.

Pugs puppies are relaxed, simple, friendly, clever and quiet. You should be proud of the enormous personality they have.

The Pug puppies shed all around the year. Preferably a rubber brush to be used to remove loose hairs from their body and the brushing needs to be done regularly. Susceptibility to fatness is a common feature hence exercising and a well diet imperative would be advisable. Periodical clipping of toenails needs to be done. Brushing the Pug’s teeth twice weekly is very important.

Training a Pug is a bit different from other breeds. One needs to be very calm while training a Pug.

Pugs mostly love outdoors. If the outdoor is hot, then please arrange a cool place for your puppy. Utmost care should be taken to prevent Pugs from heat; rather they should be kept at cool temperatures.

The wait is over. You can bring in a Pug puppy which would be your pet and a friend winner along with you wherever you go.

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