Puggle puppies facts


Pet the perfect Puggle puppies

Popular Puggle, a designer dog of the decade.

Play with the puppies that love to play and love people. A Puggle is a hybrid match of a purebred beagle and purebred pug, and now a favorite designer dog of the decade. Their cute looks with wrinkled forehead, stout body and curled tail have made them so popular, and star celebrities cuddle them like crazy. That’s happens naturally when you find a very loving puggle, who is good natured, feisty and friendly.

Lovely looks

Usually, the puggles have short hair with beige, silver or black color. Little shading of the hair is common to all puppies, including this breed. They are filled with energy and get exited often but that would never turn into yappy or hyper conditions. When it looks someone or smells new visitors, it will bark a little only for once or twice, but usually they do not have tendency to bark loudly like a beagle.  Barking or howling to visitors is standard with dogs, as they alert their masters that someone is around.

A great family member

The puggles do not encounter breathing problems, as they gain longer nose than a pug. They are ideal addition to an active family. They love to run with kids, and will sit calmly in your lab with average weight of 14 to 24 pounds. They like to be in the pack, either with the pack of dogs or the pack of human.

Have fun with a Puggle who is ready to snuggle right next to you.

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