Puppies care

puppies care

Caring for your pet puppy in fact is more an arduous task than what it would be for a baby. A pup’s behaviour can also be synonymous with that of a baby’s. Just like a baby, even the pup needs constant attention, care and love.

Make sure that the pup feels wanted and cared for. Keep the training exercises till the pup is about four weeks old. It is not until then that the pup fully realises that he is a part of the household. When training him, be soft yet firm. A pup is deeply hurt when he or she is yelled at for it does not understand why the owner is behaving this way. Patience is a key factor in puppy care.

Health of the pup is another important aspect of puppy care. The pup in the beginning few days of its birth is prone to lot of infections and disorders. Hence ensure that all the vaccinations are given on time. Make regular visits to the veterinary doctor. If it is a new born pup, allow it to feed on the mother’s milk. It is advisable to bring home the pup only after four weeks of its birth. However, if you have got it earlier, then with the help of the vet, design a diet which is soft on the digestive system of the new born pup.

Regular brushing of the coat along with shampooing will keep the pup clean and free from ticks. Brushing its teeth once in a week will also keep the teeth healthy.

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