Research finds that Dogs do get Green with Envy

How would you feel, if your dog got jealous?

Yes! This is seeming to be really laughable, while watching your dog on utmost jealousy. Because, they are quite demanding in terms of love and affection. Obviously, most of the pet parents were agreed to this and have stated that, their pet will do this often, because of extreme possessiveness. Meanwhile, it’s really nice to watch it, when your lovable pet would express it.

As for the information, a research team from San Diego of California, took a step to test regarding the jealousy behaviour in dogs. Actually they cleared the doubt that, whether the animals do show some complex nature like as the human beings.

Previously, it has been assumed that, complex behaviours such as envy and jealousy ere experienced only by humans. But now, various studies and real observations of facts or events have concluded that those kind of behaviours are absolutely possible also in dogs.

Hence, in this case study, the pet parents are asked to concentrate their attention towards 3 things, those are a book, a bucket and an interactive stuffed dog.

Well, to continue their research, the team involved 36 puppies for their experiment and all were not older than 6 months. Probably, they have found that, when the dog owners is showing affection and attention towards a stuffed dog, then their lovable pet seems to get jealous and moreover, pups have become provoked, when they began to notice that the stuffed animal has seemed to get all the puppy love from their beloved owners.

Few pets can’t able to bear, so they went barking, wagging its tail and whining around and some dogs were pushing away the stuffed animal and bite the stuffed toy. Then they touched their owners and they showed some signs such as attention-seeking, growling and aggression. Moreover, these are the possible signs of jealousy have been expressed. Besides that, because of this jealousy, many of the dogs would be suffering from extreme anxiety and stress.

Make fell your pup, to feel special

It is very important for a dog to treat him more than a pet, just like the relationship with our children and other family members. Because, they have always looking for the utmost attention that makes him always special and wanted. Just, look into its eyes and watch keenly, for his gesture, then he will definitely let you know, what exactly he needs.

Thing you can do to your pets

By showing your love, you can make your pup or a dog to feel special and unique which really makes him feel good about himself. So, just spend enough time with your pooch and have a conversation with him, in a soothing tone, especially with admirable and caring words, which would exactly make positive effects on him. In case, if you have 2 or more pets in your home, just spend a quality of time with each one. Meanwhile, try to handle them in an equally balanced space.

Often, offer him with his favourite treats, then take him for a walk and other exciting places that he loves to play. So that, you can develop socializing in him. Meanwhile, cuddle him often with lots of petting which absolutely makes him feel relaxed and good, which you can see through his eyes and the sticking out his tongue.


Just let your pets know your love for him, that would be more enough for him to go to the ends of the earth, simply for you. Moreover, you could also feel good and relaxed.

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