Safety Tips For Pets Who Love Water Sports

Water sports is one of the excellent way to experience an ultimate excitement. Of course, who does not love to be on water, even our companion. Our cute dogs will also enjoy and eager to spend their times in water sports. For this reason, we often take our beloved dogs to the beach, rivers, lake and even to the swimming pool.  Apart from that, the water parks is also a favourite one, to beat the summer heat and it is a perfect place to have a plenty of fun with our cute dog. However, it is true that dogs love to be in water. Yet, we need to be careful, because every year nearly 40,000 pets have died in drowning accidents.

In spite of the fact, you should always keep in mind the things that would be harmful to you and to your pets. Well, in the water areas you should protect your dog from high temperatures, sunburns, reptiles, sharp shells, jellyfish, broken glass and also from other aggressive dogs. Now, is the time to know a few tips regarding your dog’s safety at the water sports.

Sun Protection

Some of the breeds such as short-coated dogs, hairless dogs, light coloured breeds and also the dogs with pink nose are very much susceptible to get sunburns and rashes. That is why, pet sunscreens are available in all pet stores and even in online shopping zones. But, one thing you should be careful that before buying a sunscreen and just check whether it contains Zinc or not, because it could be toxic. And also avoid using fragrance sunscreen in order to prevent your dog from being licking.

Sea water and fresh water

Usually, most of the dogs love to drink salt water. But, it could lead some serious stomach problems, such as irritation, vomiting and dehydration. So, always teach them that not to drink sea water. Hence, you can able to offer fresh water to your dogs. Anyway, after having fun in sea water, immediately wash off the sand and salty water from their body with fresh water. By doing so, you can maintain his coat and skin in a healthy way.

Control your pup with a firm voice control


In case, if you want to let your dogs to wander off in leash, just conform that they are under your control and they obey for your firm voice. Because, once you have called them, they should come back to you at any time. Hence, this methods are very helpful for keeping your pup away from danger when he is playing cheerfully and happily.



Your dog may surfs, but definitely your dog won’t be a great surfer! Hence, be aware of rip currents and undercurrents. Even though your dog is a great swimmer, the water currents are more critical, to cause immerse danger.

Boating pets

Suppose, if you have planned to go on leisurely in a cruise with your dog, just pack up his stuff including the life jacket. Moreover, stay away from the edge of the boat and always let your dog to play in a secure area. Because, safety precautions are most important when the ride gets rough.

Safety at the Pool

Never leave your dogs or pups to play near a pool, unless they know how to come out on their own if in case, when they accidentally fell into the pool. So, just recommend a visible pool ramps because it’s a good idea for ensuring the safety of your cute pets. Beside of all, never force your dog to swim because they are just like humans, some may love swimming and some might hate it. Even, due to some underlying health problems and physical limitations they may feel difficult to swim.


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