Saint Bernard puppies facts

Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard Puppies Every Owners Pride

The Saint Bernard Puppies are the oldest breed of puppies as they can be traced back to AD 980. These puppies grow up to become great search and rescue dogs. They possess the uncanny ability to sense the imminent danger and has strong smelling characteristic.

This breed has two types of coat varieties. Some puppies have short fur that is smooth while others have long and rough coat fur. Found in variety of colors are heavy shedders too. These puppies are great addition to the family as they are extremely lovable and faithful. The muscular puppies are friendly by nature and not ill tempered. They have a benevolent demeanor.

These good-natured puppies are extremely intelligent but are quite big in size and shape. These puppies get along well with family members and children. They can be destructive if left alone for a considerable period of time. They live on love and attention. Importance is key to their lively existence. They can be trained to be great watchdogs. Due to their imposing size the training of these puppies should begin at an early age. They respond well with love and care. The St. Bernard puppies require moderate amount of exercise to keep them fit and happy.

Proper and regular brushing with a hard bristle brush is very important. Bathing should be done minimal using a mild shampoo. Regular checking and cleaning of eyes and ears is very important. They are zero tolerant to heat. The diseases which can occur to them are heart problems and skin disorders.

Saint Bernard puppies are surely owner’s pride and neighbors’ envy.

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