Shar pei puppies facts

Shar pei

Shar Pei, the family dog of your home

Sharp intelligence and ability is what makes Shar Pei a family dog. Independent and a reserved breed, Shar Pei is loyal and affectionate which makes it a suitable pet for your home.

Always suspicious, the Shar-Peis are good watchdogs. These rare breeds of dogs are short with loose skin covering the head and the body and have small ears; hippopotamus muzzle shape and blue-black tongue, which makes them have a unique look.

Shar Pei puppies have lots of wrinkles but the wrinkles disappear as they become mature.

When buying Shar Pei puppies, always look for the good breeder. You could approach the kennel owners in your locality and look for the best trained Shar Pei puppies. In the Internet, you can find hundreds of Shar Pei puppies sites, from where you could buy them. You also get complete details about Shar Pei puppies, like training, its food habits, its nature and the various diseases that could affect it.

Once you buy Shar Pei puppies, you have to find extra time, as these breeds cannot be adopted lightly. You have to take care that the Shar Pei puppies are frequently bathed, brushed daily, given good nutrition and has a clean friendly environment.

Coming in sand, cream, black, red and blue, you can choose Shar Pei puppies of your choice. Two different varieties of Shar Pei are there. One has large folds of wrinkles even into adulthood and the other one’s skin seems tighter on its body, with wrinkles just on the face.

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